Who am I?

Hi everyone! Where do I start? My name is Erik, and I have an extreme love for the outdoors and anything that can be done outside. Since I can remember I have loved being in the backwoods, be it camping, backpacking, off roading on trials, hiking, fishing, and riding dirt bikes. So this is me!


As I continue to grow I continue to find more and more outdoor related hobbies that I love taking on and learning everything I can about them. I also love to travel to new places to see near and far. I enjoy seeing interesting things, and I love road tripping. I just can’t get enough of it.

Currently I am an EMT working in an ER, while pursuing a nursing degree in Phoenix, Arizona. So don’t be surprised if a lot of my content is Arizona oriented. I was born and raised in Phoenix, but spent all my time in Prescott, AZ, and Payson, AZ. Most of my family resides in Arizona as well.

I also have grown up with heart problems from birth. they aren’t as extreme as some would think which is nice because I can still stay physically fit and explore as far as I want to go. I have a Pacemaker implanted in my chest at the ripe age of 27 and it takes good care of my heart. I definitely don’t and won’t let it slow me down from the experiences and opportunities in life. Since it was implanted I have always pushed the boundaries of what my doctors think I should and shouldn’t do with it, but I just can’t let it slow me down. I think it is one of the reasons that I am pushed to the outdoors. I enjoy when I get into a conversation with some one on top of a mountain or in a remote canyon, and the topic of my heart issues comes up and people are surprised one that I am so young with a pacemaker, and two that I am able to push myself to go so far sometimes. If there is something you want to pursue you can’t let anything get in your way or hold you back.

So theres just a little bit of my life and who I am! this is my first attempt at blogging so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting and I hope to have lots of content to come soon! Take care and Go out and Explore!

“Nobody owns the world, so feel free to explore it.” E.A. Cabaltica



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