Coffee in Kauai, Hawaii

Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee? I went to the Kauai Coffee plantation over winter break on a visit to the Hawaiian islands with my family and this is what I found!

Rows and rows of Kauai Coffee.

The Kauai Coffee plantation is located on the south side of the island of Kauai near the town of Kalaheo. It is a beautiful estate and they grow and roast coffee on site. This is my first time to a coffee plantation and I couldn’t be more excited! Kauai is the only state in the U.S. that can grow coffee due to the island’s location on the map. It is near the equator which is where most coffee is grown throughout the world. The islands rich volcanic soil, plenty of rainfall throughout the year, trade winds, and plenty of sun make it a great place to grow coffee.

The small visitor center.

On arrival to the estate you’ll park in a small parking lot where you can see the ocean to the south and the coffee orchards and operations to the east. This is where you will find the visitor center where you can learn and see everything about Kauai Coffee. The visitor center sells merchandise like t-shirts, brewing essentials, burlap coffee bags, amongst other things, and the most important thing, coffee. They have several roast types and a few different beans as well as flavor infused coffees. You can purchase whole bean coffee or already ground. They have a tasting area for the coffee where you can try already brewed coffee and my favorite is the Estate Roasted Peaberry. They also will roast coffee in the visitor center and have a small area that you can see the roasters in action.

A roaster at the visitor center.
The coffee menu

They will even make you a coffee on site for you to enjoy when your there taking it all in. While your there you can also take a tour of the coffee orchards and see the old coffee processing machines used. They offer self guided tours as well as a guided tour. We opted for the self guided tour and it was perfect. They have a small paved pathway for you to follow to find and learn about the coffee and its growing process. The islands soil is rich in iron oxide, so you may notice that every where you walk, the ground is stained red, and so will become of your shoes that you wear on Kauai. A small price to pay for such a beautiful place.

A small peice of the Kauai Coffee orchard
We have some comedians here!
GPTempDownload 4.jpg
View of the orchard.
GPTempDownload 3.jpg
Where they start the growth of the coffee.
GPTempDownload 2.jpg
An older coffee processing mill.

Our trip to the Kauai Coffee estate was everything I could have expected and more. I came home with about 7 pounds of coffee to enjoy at home. Although you can probably buy some of the coffee in local stores around you, or online, there is something about getting it from the origin and bringing it home that makes it taste so much better! I am enjoying a cup of the Peaberry coffee as I sit here and write this. My supply is dwindling so I hope to go back soon and re-up on my coffee. If you are a coffee lover and ever find yourself in Kauai, Hawaii, make sure you stop and see this amazing place!

“Behind every successful man, is a substantial amount of coffee.” – Unknown


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