Deep Sea Fishing in Kauai

Over winter break in 2017 I went to Kauai, Hawaii with my parents and my little brother. On this trip we did tons of different activities, and excursions, you can find more on those on my other posts. My brother and I had never gone deep sea fishing before, and decided this year we were going to give it a shot. We talked with our hotel concierge Keke, at Banyan Harbor, and she recommended us to a guy who ran a family owned fishing charter, I wish I could remember the captain’s name as he was very knowledgeable and fun to talk to about fishing and the island. The company name is Breakaway Fishing Charters. You can find them at

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Early in the morning at sea.

We got on the boat early in the morning near the end of our two week trip. We left the Nawiliwili small boat harbor early in the morning on our fishing boat. It was a beautiful morning, it was slightly chilly, but perfect for my brother and I since we are used to it being hot all the time in Arizona. We welcome the cool weather anytime and anywhere it is present. The ocean was behaved and the waves weren’t too big at all so the ride out in the morning was awesome. We could smell the salty sea around us and felt the spray of the ocean as we hit the swells, it was an exciting experience. We could see the lights of the island in the dark as we sailed away to try to catch some fish. As we got farther out and about an hour into the trip getting out to sea, the sun started to come up and light up the ocean and the horizon. We could start to see the outline of the island come into focus, and realized this was the “deep sea.”

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Kauai in the distance

A private tour was a little out of our budget, so we opted for the group fishing trip so we weren’t the only ones on the boat but there was only 3 other people so it still felt private. We went far out from the island. It took about an hour for us to get to the spot where we were going to fish. The captain said we were on the lookout for flocks of birds flying in one spot. He said this would indicate were fish could probably be found. Small fish swimming near the surface would bait in larger fish a little deeper down. We basically did some troll fishing, where we just let out the lines with artificial lure on them behind the boat and continue to drive the boat through the water so the bait would look like it was swimming or at least somewhat real to a fish below.

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Lines out!

We were out for about 4-5 hours that day. We ended up doing a lot of cruising around and trolling for fish to catch. The captain was determined for some one to catch a fish. The sun was beating down on us for most of the morning being that Hawaii is near the equator, and the captain was cool enough to let us hang out in the control room area or the helm, where he would drive and steer the boat. We got to talk a lot with him in there and learn about the boat and got see the ocean from his point of view.

My brother and I in the helm.

The lines were all off the back of the boat, and everyone was assigned a rod and reel. If one of the lines took off, then the person who belonged to the reel would need to hurry up and get to the reel and catch their fish.  After about 3 hours we were comming to the point where we needed to come back to shore. The captain turned the boat around and started heading for the harbor.

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On our way back we got a bite! It happened to be my rod that got a bite, so i jumped up and rushed over! Not knowing what i may catch i grabbed hold of the real and started reeling as fast as i could. The captain said to slow down as i was reeling the fish in so fast, and i could end up ripping the hook out of the fishes mouth. He said its just a little guy, but it was definitely the biggest fish I have caught to this day. I reeled the fish in and got it close enough to the boat so the captain could help me get it out of the water. He used a big hook, and jabbed it into the side of the fish and pulled it on board as it flopped. It wasn’t a huge fish in comparison to some that im sure he has caught in the past but still the biggest for me. Captain said it was a Mahi-mahi or also known as a Dorado fish. It was more colorful than fish i am used to catching in freshwater. Unfortunately for my brother and everyone else on board i was the only one to catch a fish. The good news was that since I caught it, I got to keep it. We headed back to the harbor and I was excited to tell my pops that I had caught a fish. When we got back we chatted with the captain and he offered to cut up the fish for us so that would take home our Mahi-mahi fillets.

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Captain prepping our fish to take home

There happened to be a perfect amount for my parents and my brother to eat. We tipped the captain and went straight back to the resort. My mom was kind enough to fry up the fish and we had fresh wild caught Mahi-mahi for lunch that day. It was the best fish I have ever had. I cant wait to go on another deep sea fishing trip with my brother so that he can experience the rush of reeling in a big fish like I did.

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Thats my pops in the back ground!
Stoked on my catch!

I wish I had more photos to show how much fun this trip was, but I guess the memories are our’s and you’ll have to take a deep sea fishing trip to experience all the fun yourself! As they say in the islands, MAHALO!


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