Natural Bridge Caverns | San Antonio,TX

We visited Natural Bridge Caverns in May and it was pretty cool! It is a living cave and is still growing. It is the largest caverns in Texas that is open to the public. You can find this awesome place just north of San Antonio, Texas. The name is given for the stone “Bridge” right outside the entrance to the caverns.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg
Getting excited for an adventure.
Notice the bridge above behind the tree.

You enter walking down hill for a few hundred feet under the “bridge” and enter the cavern through a gate. Once inside the first place you find near the entrance is where a bears remains were found when the caverns were discovered. They said you can see the bear’s jaw in the visitor center.

GPTempDownload 4.jpg
The walk way going into the cavern.
GPTempDownload 3.jpg
This is where the bear jaw was found on discovery of the cave.

As you venture deeper into the cave, it gets darker and you can feel the cool wet stagnant air. The cave is illuminated by artificial lighting throughout. You make your way through several rooms in the cavern and eventually take some stairs up out of a large room. Moving on, you end up in one more large room with pools, stalagmites, and stalactites.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg
A huge column to the left and a chandelier looking thing to the right.
GPTempDownload 6.jpg
The same chandelier in the center from a different angle.
GPTempDownload 7.jpg
This looked kinda gooey but i couldn’t touch it to find out. Touching the features deposits skin oils that changes the coloring and can destroy the growing formations.
GPTempDownload 8.jpg
So tempting to touch…. but i still refrained.
GPTempDownload 10.jpg
It’s hard to see, but there is a pool of water below the lighting.
Skinny tall columns.
GPTempDownload 12.jpg
One of the larger rooms.
Flows, and columns.

There is a tunnel at the end that was blasted out long ago when developing the cave. There is a drinking fountain where you can get a drink and taste the natural cave filtered water. Travel up the man made tunnel, this is the exit and the end of the tour.

GPTempDownload 13.jpg
The cavern water at the end.
GPTempDownload 14.jpg
The man made tunnel to the outside world.
GPTempDownload 15.jpg
Doors at the exit.

When you get out there is a small walk way that gets you to the rest of the park where they have placed a high line course that you can climb around on. They also have a few little souvenir shops to check out, a nice little garden area and a place where you can pan for gold, and gems.

GPTempDownload 16.jpg
A nice little garden area.
GPTempDownload 17.jpg
One of the souvenir shops.
GPTempDownload 11.jpg
I thought this was a cool mural.

There is also a maze that we did not check out. The wonders underground are just as fascinating to me as the places above ground. Going there makes me want to explore more of the underground. If you ever end up in San Antonio for whatever reason, I suggest you take a little time and check out this little natural wonder.

“Are you focusing on the cave, or on the way out?” – Unknown


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