Bearfoot Trail | Pine, AZ

There’s a tiny town in northern Arizona called Pine.  There is tons to explore in and just outside of the town. Be sure to check out THAT brewery for my favorite beer! Theres also a lot of hiking and biking trails in the area, and this particular one is called the Barefoot Trail. I believe it about 12 miles round trip, or you can link to the Pine Trail and go back to the Pine trailhead.

Drive up the highway 260/87, they are the same road for a while leaving Pine. Pull off the road around mile marker 270, there is a small dirt parking area near the fence. The hike starts there and follows a ridge for a while and eventually dips into a wooded area. At the mid-point of the hike you will end up in a creek with a nice new bridge built to cross the creek, and this is where I rested, took everything in and after a while turned around to head back.

The trail starts through a rocky dryer area.
Plenty of shrubs and mountains to see in the distance.
Found several elk on the trail, they are everywhere in these here parts.
A look at the valley below in Pine Canyon.
The rocks become less, and the foliage becomes more.
Shoulder height ferns were everywhere. I love walking through these.
I’m in the forest!
Getting close to the bridge.
There it is, the new bridge.
It was ver well built.
Crossed the bridge and looking back at it.
The creek below.
Taking a break near the water.

This is a beautiful trail and if you end up in the Pine/Strawberry area of Arizona, you should try to do this hike. Take a lot of water and snacks if you plan to hike it in the summer time, other than that, enjoy the hike! Happy Trails.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu


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  1. I like Arizona, it’s so different from where I live. But this is much more green than most places I’ve been in Arizona – interesting! Maybe I’ll get there next time I’m in Arizona. Your enthusiasm is great – and thanks for the follow, I appreciate it.

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    1. Hey thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it! there are tons of green areas of Arizona, its in different pockets of the state, mostly in the higher altitude places like the Mogollon rim, and the white mountains, and around flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. The main city phoenix is very dry though lol check out the rim next time your are out.

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