Waimea Canyon | Kauai, Hawaii

I went to Waimea Canyon State Park on a family trip to Kauai, Hawaii. This canyon is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Although it is a large canyon, it is still much smaller than the actual Grand Canyon, and in my personal opinion much more beautiful.

I am an Arizona “native” I was born and raised there for 28 years, having seen the Grand Canyon many times, and even hiked down into it in a few spots (including Havasupai) and still inspired by its raw beauty, I just can’t help the fact that I love greenery, which Arizona is just lacking in many places.

That is why I think Waimea Canyon is more beautiful! See for your self and you decide.

The walk way up to the lookout of Waimea Canyon.
This is the lookout point for the canyon.

At the lookout point you can see various helicopters flying through the canyon on tours, these tours are awesome by the way i have taken one, and if you end up there after a rain, there will be several waterfalls scattered throughout the canyon.

Here is one of the waterfalls I could see.

We continued on up the road to see another lookout point further up in the mountains, here I slipped away from my family and found a small secret trail going up through the trees near the lookout point we were at, and it took me to a really awesome view-point. I had no idea where it was going to go and it was awe inspiring to say the least.

The trail leading to the secret lookout.
This was the secret lookout I found.
Waimea Canyon in all its majesty.

Continuing up the road there is a really cool spot where you can get off the road and take a look at the red dirt, with some small waterfalls going through it. If you have never been to Kauai, you may not know that the dirt is red everywhere, due to the amount of iron and rust in the dirt. It stains your shoes and feet if your walking in it, but makes for some awesome scenery. If you have ever been to Sedona in Arizona, it is very similar.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg
Notice the red dirt everywhere.
This waterfall seems to be running every time I’ve been here.

As you head back down, the road starts to wind down the mountains to the closest town of Waimea, the west side of the island becomes a little more dry than the rest of the island but still has gorgeous scenery of dry brush with the ocean in the back ground.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg
You can see the ocean all the way down.

No matter where you go on the island of Kauai, there’s something beautiful to look at everywhere. I have been here about 3 times now and it never gets old to me, but the trips always seems much shorter than they are. Until next time Kauai, goodbye!

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.” – Rachel Carson


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  1. I went to Kauai in 2005 – the only time I have ever been – and was introduced to Waimea Canyon. I was 15 years old and, before that point, had never even left California (where I grew up) – it is still one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. The entire island holds so much beauty and life and creative energy. I would love to return. I got so excited when this post came across my reader. <3

    1. I’m glad you got excited from my trip! I have to agree it is an amazing place for sure! Have you been to the Grand Canyon yet? You’ll have to compare your thoughts on the two! It’s tough to decided which is more beautiful! Hah

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