Kauai Sunset Catamaran

My family and I went on a sunset cruise on a catamaran when we were in Kauai, Hawaii over winter break. It was a lot of fun! We chose the company Blue Dolphin Charters on the south side of the island near the town of Eleele and Hanapepe. There were other people on the boat as well but it wasn’t crowded at all, it seemed like everyone could find their own little area to hang out.

This was our catamaran.
Getting out of port
GPTempDownload 2.jpg
Mom and Pops chillin’
GPTempDownload 3.jpg
Blue Dolphin Charter
GPTempDownload 4.jpg
Looking for whales

We were supposed to be on the watch out for dolphins and whales, which we did eventually see on the tour, but my brother and I had other plans while we looked for them, we decided to see how many beers we could score before the cruise was over. Dollar dollar beers yo!

GPTempDownload 5.jpg
Drink in hand, E is the man!

We ended up finding out that the boat had plenty of Big Swell IPA’s by Maui Brewing Company, and they were freakin delicious! We drank them all for the duration of the cruisin. I think Maui Brewing should use my photo for an advertisement anyone agree? Anyways on with the cruising.

GPTempDownload 6.jpg
Big Swell IPA with some swells in the background.
GPTempDownload 7.jpg
Still downing the Big Swells with the bro.
GPTempDownload 8.jpg
Having too good of a time!

We did eventually find some whales off in the distance. There should have been more being it was the season for it, but for what ever reason there just weren’t many.

GPTempDownload 9.jpg
There is a whale left of center in this picture.

Captain let me drive the boat for a little bit too. Just kidding but I took a picture in the helm.

GPTempDownload 10.jpg

The sun was really starting to set, and by this point my brother and I were good and sloshed on the Big Swell IPA’s and we were done drinking. The captain turned the boat around and we had a peaceful cruise back to the docks.

GPTempDownload 11.jpg
GPTempDownload 13.jpg
GPTempDownload 14.jpg
We found more beers on the way back to port!!
Cheers matey!
GPTempDownload 15.jpg
Headed back to port and a nice sunset to end the day.
GPTempDownload 16.jpg
Back in port where we started.

We went back to our resort and hung out for the rest of the night and had some food, and drank some water to get ready for our Deep Sea Fishing in Kauai adventure the next day. What a fun way to wind down the day!

“Our bond is our blood and thicker than water, like goonies never say die” – Dirty Heads


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    1. I feel like this will be a big learning curve on this blogging stuff lol, I have only been doing this since April or May so only a short time as well, but I’ll see what I can do! Thank you again for the nomination!

  1. Wow! Your pictures made my mouth drop! Kauai seems so astonishing and the sunset there is picture perfect. You obviously had a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. I love all of these pictures! You guys went on such a good day. I love Blue Dolphin, they’re a great company! I live here on Kaua’i, and was browsing and came across this post. I’m glad you got to experience a little of the Kaua’i life! 😊 I’m enjoying all the places you e visited so far!

      1. Nice! Hope to meet you someday in the near future! And you’re welcome. All my pictures are taken on Kaua’i also, unless I credit someone else. Check out my blog sometime!

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