Ahh..I Remember The Alamo

Do you remember the Alamo? Or maybe you know it as Mission San Antonio De Valero? You know, the 300 year old building in Texas, involved in the Texas war for independence from Mexico? Anyways, I learned about the Alamo in grade school and always have had an interest in old civilizations and ruins. Not that this place is as old as some places I have seen and explored, but it is much older than me by about 272 years and even though it has been rebuilt, it’s still cool to me!

I cruised on over to see the Alamo on a trip to the River Walk in San Antonio. It was a hot and humid day out, at least for me being from AZ and our “dry” heat, I was not used to Texas mugginess. It also seemed to be pretty crowded, but they were giving free entrance inside the Alamo, so I jumped on it!

GPTempDownload 24.jpg

I didn’t spend much time here, so I didn’t really get to read up on all the history but I read what I could quickly and checked out the whole property. It is really well taken care of, and the gardens are nicely kept.

GPTempDownload 25.jpg
A little info plaque on the outside of the Alamo near the street.
GPTempDownload 26.jpg
The Alamo itself.

Walking through the gardens was peaceful and relaxing even though it was humid and hot out.

GPTempDownload 27.jpg
This tree was huge and awesome.
GPTempDownload 28.jpg
This bridge went over a mote type thing filled with koi fish.
GPTempDownload 29.jpg
One of the old Spanish cannons.

There is so much history here, its really interesting to me. There is no picture of it, but if you go see the Alamo, make sure to check out the old barracks area which is now a museum of sorts inside. You can learn a lot more about the place in there.

GPTempDownload 32.jpg
Some of the walkways near the outside wall.
GPTempDownload 33.jpg
This archway was interesting.
GPTempDownload 34.jpg
This dude never said a word.
GPTempDownload 35.jpg
More passageways.
GPTempDownload 36.jpg
I was able to snap this with my go pro. I guess your not supposed to take photos inside.
GPTempDownload 37.jpg
The gift shop had a lot of cool stuff inside.

All and all the Alamo is an interesting piece of our American history, and I’m glad that the state of Texas has decided to maintain it. They are doing a great job of protecting it for future people to come and learn a piece of our history. I can now say “Ahh..I remember the Alamo!”

“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas” – Davey Crockett


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