Adventure “Dirtbag” Truck Build

I recently was able to find a camper shell for my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, it’s not the exact one I want but it will do. My plans for a few years now have been to build a comfortable sleeping area in the back of my truck with room for storage so I can “dirtbag” it on my days off.

I wanted to be able to travel on the road, and sleep whenever I get tired, be it a campsite, BLM land or a Walmart parking lot. It cuts down on the cost of a hotel big time! Here’s my build so far!


I started by putting some 2×4’s across the middle, 4 to be exact. Next I placed a 2×10 long ways using one of the notches in the truck bed as a guide, it makes the space on both sides un-even but only by about an inch or two.


I placed a 2×4 standing up to brace the last 2×4 across so that it is a little more weight bearing. Next I started to cut the OSB board to fit so there were two sides. Separately so that I could pull them in and out and lift them up to clean, or get to stored things.

Almost there.

Once the plywood was cut to fit I wrapped them with carpeting, which gives it a nice finish, so I can throw a futon, or small foam mattress in the back and not snag it on the wood.

Just finishing up on the carpeting of the OSB board.

Next I bought some bins for storage when Im on the road. It took a little while to find ones that were somewhat sturdy but not too expensive. But I found some that will do.


One of the side windows.

Next I started to make it “stealthy” by making some covers for the windows in the back for when I am camped out in a public area such as a parking lot where I don’t want people looking in (Walmart allows this, and some other places.) I wanted an easy way to put up a curtain of some type and easily take it down, but when I’m camped out in the solitude of nature I would rather have the curtains down and the views when I wake up.

The window up against the cab.

I figured I would just cut a black out curtain down the middle, and use them for the side windows, as well as the front and back windows of the camper. I sewed in velcro pieces every foot or so, and really wasn’t sure if it would stick to the inside fuzz of the camper but I tried it out after making the first one and it worked like a charm! Cant see inside at all now.

All the gear is packed up underneath my platform.

Thank you so much to a great friend who hooked it up with a memory foam mattress for me to cut up and put in the back for some comfort, i’m stoked and ready for a road trip dirtbag style.

Well that’s it for now, the dirtbaggin’ wagon is ready for my road tripping adventures! Finished just in time for a road trip all around Colorado next week. I’m sure I will never be truly done with this build but I am happy with it for now!

No plans just me and the road and whatever I find along the way! Feel free to ask any questions on this and I will hopefully have an answer for you! Thanks for stopping by!

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu


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  1. Nice set up! Do the side windows on the camper shell have screens in them? It looks like from the pictures, they’re the kind that slide open? I had to make a couple screens for the back windows on my 4Runner so I could have the windows cracked for air flow in the summer, but not get attacked by bugs all night 🙂

    1. Thank you very much! Yeah the windows do slide open, i bought the camper used, so one of the windows is a replacement of plexi glass and has some what looks like silicone glue to hold it in place, but the other window opens, and the front window by the cab opens as well, the sides do have screens. we will see how it goes, i’m going on my first adventure with it in less than three days now!

  2. This is similar to what we did to our Tacoma. (Post coming soon!) it’s the perfect set up for camping and we love it. Looking forward to some day taking it on a longer road trip like you!

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