Time for another Solo Road trip!

Here I sit at work and all that I can think of, is the end of my shift in the morning because I am going on another Solo Trip! This year has seemed to be a little rough on me and I think it is just what I need for some personal growth and self-healing.


I love a good long solo road trip, the last time I did this, I loaded up everything I thought I would need and just hit the road. I never had any set plans, and just go where the road takes me. I may have a somewhat destination in mind, and I make my way toward there and just go from there. Last time I planned to spend my time in Zion National Park and when i got there I did everything I wanted to do the following day and had 6 days left so I did the Ring of Fire in Utah, (Zion NP, Bryce NP, Capitol Reef NP, Escalante NP, and Arches NP. Then I dipped into the southwest part of Colorado and saw Mesa Verde NP and back to Arizona passing through the Petrified Forest NP. I visited 7 national parks on that trip, several national monuments (the four corners being one), and many points of interest. I came home a whole new person.

Solo trips like mine, I feel like they let you learn a lot about yourself. They can be very empowering as well. It teaches you how to be self-sufficient, and work through problems you may encounter on the road. It lets you eat, sleep, shower and what not, whenever and where ever you want, no schedule. I love this and the spontaneity of these kinds of trips. You end up meeting so many interesting and friendly people, and for me I have always seemed to get quite lucky on these trips, for example my blog Silverton Colorado’s Old Hundred Gold Mine I arrived at the last tour, and in my blog A Perfect Night in Ouray, Colorado there were no campsites, and the camp host informed me that someone had called and said they would be coming the following day, therefor opening up a site for me for the night.


For this current trip I have built up my truck to live in, you can see it here. Adventure “Dirtbag” Truck Build  I have everything I need in my vehicle to live nomadic on the road for an extended amount of time. I’ll be bringing cooking equipment, fishing gear, climbing shoes and chalk (in case I pass by a climbing gym) a cooler for some food, and other necessary camp gear. My plan is to leave right after work and head straight for Colorado from Scottsdale, Arizona. Don’t worry I am used to staying up for extended amounts of time. After that its time to see what I find along the way. I refuse to pay outrageous prices for a hotel, so I will be living in my truck for the next few days for the most part. I plan to climb in at least one gym on this trip, visit a few national parks, and since I love coffee, craft beer, and the “sauce”, ill be checking these out along the way as well, and hopefully I can squeeze in some hikes!

“On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again” – Willie Nelson


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  1. Love this! Sounds like what I need. I’m doing a little road trip to Cali this weekend to escape work and the heat. Something about “getting away” just makes me feel better.

    1. Nice where will you be going in cali? and where are you escaping the heat from? i’m in phoenix and its wicked hot here all the time, except for right now it is just super humid and hot lol monsoons are here now!

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