Camping Cascade Creek | Colorado

I drove straight to Colorado after working a long night shift the night before. Got off work and headed straight home to get finished packing and get ready for my road trip through Colorado. I drove straight for Durango and the sun was setting so I decided to work on finding a campsite since I had been up for over 30 hours. I drove north from Durango, Colorado, and found a pull off and the sign said Cascade Creek.

It was perfect for the night. I drove up the dirt road looking for a place to camp. The road was slightly muddy from all the rain, and a little slippery. I was sure there would be a nice campsite waiting for me off the muddy dirt road. There were pine trees everywhere and aspens as well. This would be my first night in my new Adventure “Dirtbag” Truck Build and I was pretty excited. I found my my site and set up camp.

“Chillin on a dirt road”
GPTempDownload 2.jpg
One of the cabins in the area

There were several small cabins along the dirt road that I passed and they were pretty cool. Some of them were pretty worn down but they looked pretty rustic and some of them looked like people still lived in them from time to time.

GPTempDownload 3.jpg
Still searchin for the right spot.
GPTempDownload 4.jpg
This place is beautiful.

I finally found my spot and it was pretty awesome. Cascade Creek was running behind my truck down the hill a little ways, and you could hear it rushing in the not too far distance. What a comforting and healing sound.

IMG_6245 2.jpg
This was my campsite for the night and it was quiet and serene.

I also brought some beer from my favorite Arizona Brewery. The Road Rash IPA from THAT Brewery and I felt like taking a few pictures since the cans are so cool!

THAT Brewery Road Rash IPA

There was a little trail down to the creek near the campsite so I went and checked it out a little bit.

Little trail to the creek
GPTempDownload 5.jpg
The trail down to the creek below.
GPTempDownload 6.jpg
The creek is in the distance.

It was dark before I knew it and I was getting hungry so I busted out all the cooking gear and made myself a little dinner. A nice breakfast burrito with, eggs, purple potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and jalapeños. It was delicious and hit the spot, got me tired and ready for bed in the new set up, not that I wasn’t tired already.

Cookin up a burrito.
GOPR3363 2.jpg
Tried to mess with the night time settings on the go pro and this is what I got lol
My bed was extremely comfy.

All and all this camps site was awesome and a great start to getting used to my new camping road trip set up. A great night that I thought would be hard to beat, but I had several great nights and days!

The only downside to this campsite was in the morning I was woken up by a group of people who parked right next to me and were making a bunch of noise with their kids and animals and woke me up. I wasn’t too upset being that I needed to get up anyways and get back on the road, because there was so much more to see in Colorado, onward we go!

“Camping is my therapy” – Unknown


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  1. Love that creek, my family and I would explore that all day. Just showed my husband your post from Hawaii and he loved it, wanted me to thank you for sharing that. You and your brother look so happy together. I told my husband your parents must be great because you two look so close, so they did something right. Anyway, Colorado looks beautiful so thanks for sharing this trip as well.

    1. It’s beautiful! At night when it’s quite and everyone has left, the stars shine bright and in the distance you can hear the creek running! Your so welcome I’m glad you guys enjoyed my hawaii ones! There are a few of them that I’ve posted, and yes my parents are pretty great! I’m proud of both of them! And my brother and I have our little fights here and there but he is my best friend for sure! Colorado is amazing all over, you guys should go explore it sometime. Thank you for reading! I have lots more to come!

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