Twisted Pine Brewing CO. | Boulder, Colorado

During my road trip through Colorado, I had stopped in Fort Collins after leaving the Red Feather Lakes area and headed for a coffee shop to get some coffee and wifi to figure out my day and where I was going to go.

I was determined to stop at a few breweries while I was hopping (pun intended) around Colorado on my road trip, being that there are so many throughout Colorado. It was also my birthday that day, and no birthday is complete without a b-day brew! Who’s with me on that!?

GPTempDownload 7.jpg
Heres the front of the building.

Anyways I was searching for breweries in Boulder and this one caught my eye on the list of Boulder breweries. It is called Twisted Pine Brewing Co. The word Pine is what caught my eye so quickly. I love pine trees, and my family cabin is in a small town called Pine in northern Arizona. I headed straight for this brewery ASAP.

GPTempDownload 8.jpg
The front door was inviting to my thirsty self.
This was the front patio seating.
Right when you step through the door.
GPTempDownload 9.jpg
“Sittin at a bar”
GPTempDownload 14.jpg
This was the main seating area.

Once I had arrived I was extremely pleased with the decor and even more pleased with the beer selection. The staff was totally awesome, and I wish I could remember the name of my server behind the bar because he was so great. He seamed like a total surf dude and we got along great, he was a lot of fun to talk to and he cracked me up constantly. They had some yard games in the back of the brewery with TV’s, games, and a corn hole game.

Whats back here?
The gaming hang out area

They had a bunch of beer on tap, and since I was on a road trip and had plenty of driving to do, I only had one beer, and I had the Patio Pounder. The bartender said it was a good choice and it must have been because I enjoyed it and the bartender said it was a silver medal winner in the session IPA category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2017. It was delicious, and I wish I had another driver so I could try a few more!

GPTempDownload 11.jpg
Cool menus to go with the cool atmosphere.
GPTempDownload 12.jpg
The Patio Pounder!

I talked to the bartenders and told them I was a blogger and that I wanted to write about them and they were cool enough to let me go back into the brewing area and take a few pictures. It was pretty cool!

Walking through the door to the brewing area.
GPTempDownload 13.jpg
This was directly behind the bar.

If I end up in boulder again this will be one of my first stops! I was bummed that they didn’t have the shirt I wanted in my size, but the great service, and friendly staff made it not matter so much and it just means I will have to go back again!

If your in the Boulder area I would highly recommend this brewery to try, they have good food, and great beers! Cheers to all and to all a good beer!

“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.” – Jack Nicholson


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