Moro Rock Hike | Sequoia National Park

On our trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon, A brothers excursion.  My brother and I hiked Moro Rock, its a short hike and only a quarter mile round trip. The views were amazing and my brother and I still wants to go back and do it again!

There is a small parking area at the base of the hike. There are a few chairs and tables you can sit in afterwards and eat. The trail is easy to find, and there is a sign at the start.

Thats the start of the hike.
The trail winds around the rock  face, and theres a fallen tree next to the trail.

As you make your way up don’t be afraid to pause and take a breath and see the views. They are amazing, and worth some time to look at. The rock is made of granite, and the forest of pine trees and giant sequoias surround you all around, as well as mountains as far as your eyes can see.

IMG_1050 2.jpg
The half way point.
Taking a sit for a bit with my brother.

We sat for a bit then continued on our way up some more stairs to get to the top. its a short hike but fairly steep at times. There are guard rails most of the way up too.

Continuing on up.
Views about 3/4 of the way up.
Almost there.
Proof I was there.
Almost to the top.
And we made it!
Walking out to the edge, thats my brothers arm.
The end of the trail.
Great 360 views.
Looking back the other way.

We checked out and hung around at the top of Moro Rock for a little while and then made our way down and back toward our campsite to make some food and have some General Sherman IPA’s.

Time to make our way down.
Headed down the trail.

My brother and I still talk about this trip to this day and how we want to go back, he says he wants to hike Moro Rock again every time we talk about our last trip. This park is so cool, and everything is on such a grand scale with the rocks, mountains, the trees, and the views.

The Campgrounds are all awesome and you can camp right next to giant sequoias, and you may occasionally see a bear, and more frequently deer. There are several great visitor centers too that have tons of information about the park. I love this park and want to go back very soon!

“Life’s a climb, but the views are great!” – Unknown


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    1. Thanks for looking! The trail is actually pretty short and paved the whole way or has hand rails, I encourage you to check it out if your ever in the Sequoias, and thank you for your kind words!

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