Upheaval Dome Hike | Canyonlands National Park

The hike to Upheaval Dome is a short hike, and there are two lookouts, one is very short the other is a bit further, and quite steep at times, but the views are amazing. It is quite interesting as well as scientists still aren’t sure how the crater was formed. It is either by a meteorite, or a salt dome that collapsed. I’m going with the salt dome collapse my self.

The sign at the entrance of the trail head.

There is a small parking lot next to the trail head. Park and use the restroom before hand, I didn’t and wished I did midway through the hike. The trail is easily marked heading to the first lookout.

Just past the first sign.
The trail goes right for a long loop, or left where I’m going.

The trail heading in is pretty well-marked and has steps in some places on the rock. There are three trails in this area, make sure you take the trail on the left for this excursion. it will lead you on the trail to the first overlook of Upheaval Dome.

Some built-in stairs on the hike.
The trail is easily marked.
Approaching the first overlook.

Once you reach the overlook there is a trail that goes left if you want to go a little further and have a different viewpoint. I took the longer trail and it gave me some great views and the rainstorm in the distance just made it that much more spectacular!

This is the overlook, but whats on the other side of this rock is the views.
IMG_6723 2.jpg
This is Upheaval Dome.
Quiet a sight to see.

The first overlook was cool so I thought I would hike a little further to the second overlook, at times it can be steep, and headed back it did get a little slippery with some rainfall. There are also some foot steps cut Ito some of the rock. Notice all the clouds in the photos are surrounding us, there was a huge downpour and hail and crazy wind while I was in canyon lands shortly after this hike at another viewpoint elsewhere in the park.

Walking along to the second overlook.
I guess follow the arrows that could have built by anyone?
Checkin it out! Pictures don’t do it justice.
The foot steps cut into the rock.
The storm coming in in the distance.

Eventually you’ll make it to the second overlook, and you will be able to look back where you started at the first overlook. I was the only person who went to the second overlook, no one followed me, so I had the area all to myself.

The sign says it.
The is the view of the dome, from the second overlook, the first one is to the right of this photo slightly.
Another view, they are all good.

What an awesome place to visit. The rain was coming in fast so I had to turn around and get out of there, there was a lot of lightning in the distance and thunder getting closer. I worked my way back to my truck to get on with my adventure and try to stay dry.

I saw this tree on the way back and thought it looked cool.

It’s cool how places on a large-scale can make you feel so small and makes your issues seem much less significant. I love the solitude of the backcountry and the different scenery that is out there to enjoy. I hope to come back to Canyonlands National Park  sometime, and do a little backpacking through some of the farther back backcountry, or some over-landing on the off-road trails for a few nights.

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” – Edward Abbey


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