Fischer Point in Sandy’s Canyon, Flagstaff | Arizona

I have known about this little hike for some time now but had never taken the time to go hike it, I finally went a couple weeks ago and it was awesome! I went a second time with my mother and it was just as awesome! She loved it too.

It is found near Lake Mary just south of Flagstaff. The turn off is on the east side of the road, and there was a sign that said Sandy’s Canyon just before the turn off. If your familiar with the climbing area “the pit,” Fischer point is the trail to the left of “the pit” trail.

This is where you park for the trail head.
This is the start of the trail, go left toward the AZ Trail.

The trail head starts at the parking lot and you walk straight forward to the edge of a small cliff overlooking a lava field. Its pretty impressive. The scenery here is tons of volcanic rock and pine trees.

The lava fields and “The Pit.”
Stoked to see what this trail has to offer.

Look for the sign that says Arizona Trail and go left, I made the mistake of missing the sign and going right and found “the pit” climbing area, which I didn’t know where it was prior to this hike, then turned around and made my way on the correct path.

Lots of cool rock formations on the way in.
The correct trail.

The trail starts going downhill very quickly, and goes flat after a short bit, the rest of the hike is mostly flat with some minor up and down hills. You’ll be surrounded by cool rock formations and beautiful greenery everywhere.

Part of the trail at the beginning goes through a dry creek bed.
Mostly flat and lots of pines!
This trail is part of the Arizona Trail.

The trail stays relatively straight most of the time, and eventually you will reach a clearing and turn right in the trail.

Take this little trail to the right of the sign.

After a short while on this trail you will turn and find the Fischer Point area, there is a small cave in the first portion of rock, and if you continue back past the first cave area the canyon eventually works its way back into Walnut Canyon, and there are several other small caves you can check out.

Fischer Point
Me and Momma Dukes!
The first small cave.

The cave is worth checking out, it is unfortunate that people have carved their names in the rock, I can only hope one day enough erosion will wash them away. Lets be honest, your name is not important to anyone else, don’t scratch it into rocks!

Views from inside the cave.
You can see some of the names and scratchings on the left, but the rest of this rock is so cool!
So much texture!
A little wider view.

If you continue on past this point it is where Walnut Canyon starts, and there is a sign letting you know a little bit about the canyon and its habitat.

Working our way back into the canyon a little bit.
Entering Walnut Canyon.

There are a few more caves you can check out at little off-shoots from the trail as you make your way back, we didn’t go too far back as we didn’t want to get caught in a storm, but we checked out a few of the caves then made our way back out.

This cave had some moss growing and hanging from the top.
Mom getting some cool pictures.
This cave was more like two huge rocks next to each other.
Checking to see if my pictures are coming out.
Inside the last cave we checked out. It was nice and cool in here.

This hike is very beautiful and fairly easy, the only tough part is coming out of the canyon as it gets pretty steep. Other than that, it is only about 4-5 miles round trip. This area is nice and cool being that it is near Flagstaff and is great for a day hike to get out of the hot weather here in Phoenix. When your done you can hit up any of the great breweries, or restaurants in Flagstaff. Enjoy!

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


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  1. So special to hike with your mom. Great photos…again. Darn, it’s so frustrating when people feel the need to deface something that is so naturally beautiful.

    1. Yeah it was a fun hike! This post is actually a mix of my hike with my mom and one by myself but both were fun! And yes I agree there’s no need for the destruction! Thanks for visiting I’m glad you enjoyed the photos!

  2. This is why I love Arizona, such beautiful places to walk. Love the photos as always. My husband and I will have to take my grown kids ( daughter 20, son 18) up to Flagstaff again. It looks great from your photos.

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