Gold King Basin Party, Telluride | Colorado

I went to Colorado in the last few weeks of summer on a whim. I had no clue what I was getting myself into and didn’t know it would be such an amazing trip. I was planning for weeks before hand to road trip to Oregon, but I never was really feeling it inside. I decided the day of my time off, I wasn’t going to go because everything inside me was saying no. I went up north to the cabin and hung out for two days, and then decided hey, I think i’m going to go to Telluride. I have to say I’m glad I went!

This is my buddy Colin.

I pulled into the Alta Lakes/ Gold King basin area around 6 in the afternoon and met this guy sitting on a rock named Colin, and asked him if he would mind me camping out near by, he said go for it! We were instant friends. I was mesmerized by the Gold King Basin area. It is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever camped out at.

GPTempDownload 2.jpg
This is Gold King Basin

Colin and I got to talking for hours and found out we have tons in common. He also told me that I showed up on the perfect weekend. He told me that the Perseids meteor shower was occurring that weekend. He also said that there was going to be a huge party out there come night time. I couldn’t believe what I lucked into.

Sunsets were amazing here!

The sun was setting fast and I was excited to see the meteor shower, and start partying with everyone. People started to show up by the truck loads, the entire group filled up the Basin and a few other campers. I’m sure they were just as surprised to find out there was a huge party as well and everyone was invited. There were 2 or 3 DJ’s there playing all types of great music while everyone drank Telluride Brewing Co. beers and danced the night away by the fire and watched the meteor shower. I made many new friends and met some amazing people, two of which, Tyler and Savannah were awesome people too, they were such kind hearted and good people. Im still in touch with the friends I made there.

We had a bonfire and at times it was huge!

The night came to an end eventually around 1 or 2 am. I went to bed and woke up to gorgeous views of this basin in the earlier hours of the day. It was quite mostly, you could hear other campers stirring in their campsites, and the occasional sounds of the marmots.

This were the views that I got to wake up to out the back of my camper.
GPTempDownload 3.jpg
My small campsite.
This place blew my mind!
The hang out area was up at this point you can see my little red truck down there in the distance if you look hard.

After hanging out with everyone for a while I decided I was going to go and explore the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park that day, but before I left Colin, Tyler and Savannah said I should stay another night because it was going to be even better that night. I told them thanks but I needed to get back on the road for some more self discovery. Colin came with me and I dropped him off in Telluride because he needed to go help some people out for the day. After that I was on my way and went to the Gunnison which was awesome but thats for another post.

Gold King Basin was mined pretty heavily for a short time, and there is left over mining equipment everywhere on the way up and down from the mountain. There is a Marmot on top of this structure, see if you can find it.

After exploring the Gunnison, all I could think of was the new friends I had made and the beautiful place that I had woken up in that morning. Needless to say, I went back!

Definition of happiness and beauty.

I showed up in time for a spectacular sunset, and met up with my buddies again. As the sun went down though there was a brief lightning storm that came over the top of us while we were all jamming out, it started pouring and there was lightning striking all over the mountain tops, everyone ran for cover and I jumped back into the back of my truck and watched all the lightning hoping it wouldn’t hit anyone there including myself. It was an amazing show complete with thunder. It cleared up quickly and everyone met up back at the top of the mountain and we continued with the fun.

The storm rolling in.
Party after the storm, this was one of the DJ’s with his arms wide, his name was Sunday, what a character he was!
Sunday was going so hard! couldn’t get a still shot of him.
Someone busted out hundreds of sparklers.
We played with sparklers by the fire and had plenty more beers!

What another great night with great friends, kind people, lots of beer, music and fun! Again the night has to end at some point so that we could get up and be functional the next day. I was excited to wake up to see what views I was going to see.

I lost my previous camp spot so I pulled up on to this little hill, which the lake was still behind me in this picture so, still a good spot, and next to some of the old structures that miners left behind.

When I woke up I explored the area a little bit walking the perimeter of the lake. The whole area is such an amazing place and there is so much to see, the lake runs out below in a small little stream to meet up with several other small lakes and ponds.

I love pine trees!

Prior to this trip I had really been struggling mentally with my happiness and outlook on life, thinking quite negatively for a while and hoping that several trips would help me to rediscover who I once was. This trip was exactly what I needed to set my mind right and become the outgoing, fun, happy person I used to be.

I learned that life is all about your perception and how you decide to look at things and react to what life throws at you. I also re-learned that you have to make the effort to live positively and kind. Some days are tough to do that, but if I stick with it I will be happier over all. Don’t sweat the small stuff in life, nobody makes it out alive, so just enjoy the ride. Apparently I had forgotten how to do all of that. Coming back from this trip I told myself I didn’t want to live that way anymore and things have been beyond great since then. Thank God for the great people I met! Colorado you were good to me yet again!

“Nobody makes it out alive, so just enjoy the ride.” – Seranation


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  1. This was pretty inspiring dude. I think I need a trip of my own soon as well to get back on the happiness train! ________________________________

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