Rocky Mountain National Park | Holzwarth Historic Site

I checked out this cool spot in Rocky Mountain National Park on a road trip, and it was pretty cool to see the first people who lived inside there. It is closer to the south end of the park, and is only a short walk in if I am remembering correctly. There is a parking area and a small cabin next to it with a parks person inside giving out information.

This was the little cabin when you first start on the trail to the Holzwarth site.
And of course the inside.

Check out the old little cabin but make sure to continue on the path, there is great scenery all around, and even more cabin life ahead.

The trail leading to the Holzwarth site.

As you walk the trail there are a lot of different signs that will have info on them about the valley and the people within.

A little bit of info on the ranch that was there.
The Colorado River Starts in the park I believe.
This is the Colorado River.
Some old wagons and tools.
This is a little overview on the little cabins.
A small campsite near the cabins, I think they have fires here for guests enjoyment occasionally.
The first cabin you come to in the camp.
The Twin 1 cabin, there are two almost identical ones next to each other, pic not shown.
Another sweet cabin.
A wood stage shack they had there, I believe fires and stoves is how these people kept warm.
A lot of the old things found around the place, they put in one room for safe keeping.

There was this half tent, half cabin on the site, and I thought it was super cool. I would totally stay in it as an air B&B!

The tent cabin.
The inside of the tent cabin.
I think park workers would stay in this cabin as it has a hot water heater and I know it wasn’t there back in the day.
One more shot of a few cabins within the site.

I didn’t get pictures of every single cabin at this place, but I would say it is worth checking out if you end up in the park. Theres a lot to learn about it and park workers are giving tours of the area and some more information about everything within. Its a short flat walk from the parking area, and the surrounding area is all beautiful! Go check it out!

“Picture you and me, cabin by the sea” – Dirty Heads


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