Truck camping on the beach in Malibu, California

Recently I found myself in California on a small camping trip and to see my childhood friends band play. If you are curious they are called Seranation. An awesome band for sure! I highly recommend them.

Anyways, we wanted to do this trip as inexpensively as possible so I figured the best way to do that, would be to camp out on this trip, and that’s exactly what my girlfriend and I did.

We found the sickest little campsite on the beach just north of Malibu a little ways, and south of Oxnard. It was just off of the PCH. It was called Thornhill Broome Campground, and is found in the Point Mugu State Park.

This is the entrance sign to the beach, that little bench and fire pit on the right was my campsite.

There wasn’t much to this campsite on the beach, but it was simple and perfect and totally unplanned, and beautiful as can be.

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The small life guard tower next to the check in area.

We pulled in the campground later in the day around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. We went up to the booth and asked if they were open because it seemed so deserted, we really weren’t sure. The California State Parks people said absolutely, and it was 35 dollars for the night. We decided that was just fine compared to the hotel costs exceeding $150 a night.

We backed into the parking spot on our designated campsite, and the excitement was building as well as a little hunger. We parked and busted out the cooking gear to make some grub.

Mirror views.
We some goobers!
This was our little spot for the night where we would share our dinner, and breakfast.

This spot was amazing really. We were right on the beach, less than 20 feet away from the water. The sand felt so good on our feet, and there weren’t many rocks in our camping area. Also our little beach front had the least amount of rocks compared to the other campsites along the way.

The only down side to this day was that when we arrived the wind was quite intense, when we cooked some food we got a bit of sand seasoning in the pasta. The sand would occasionally kick up in the air and a little bit made its way into the camper. This spot was totally worth it.

I was just too stoked on this spot, and getting to camp right on the beach!
We would be sleeping here for the night.

Like I said, I am trying not to spend a lot on this trip, so the best and cheapest option was just to sleep in the back of the truck, being that it is equipped to live in.

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So relaxing and carefree.

We were tired from a long day of driving, and were happy to just hang out on the beach, watch the waves roll in and catch the sunset on the beach. It was a little chilly with all the wind, but comfortable with a hoodie and jeans on.

As the evening went by a few more folks pulled in for the amazing sunset and camping opportunities. It was alright with us and everyone was respectable and the park’s workers spaced us all out so much it wasn’t a bother.

The sunset was beautiful and quite photogenic.
The waves kept rolling in, and the tide kept going out, it was awesome.

We continued to watch the sun go down that night and watched all the birds in the horizon. The sky continued to change colors and hues the entire time it was setting.

Cool picture credit goes to my girl.
The sunset just got more and more beautiful.
The sun is almost down.

Once the sun set we were pooped out, and had just decided to go to bed. We had a big day the following day, and there really wasn’t much reason to stay up any longer. It was too windy to have a fire, and I didn’t want to hassle with it so we crashed out.

Good morning!

We woke up to a beautiful morning. There was no longer any wind, the sun was out and the sky was clear. The temperature was very comfortable and the ocean was quite receded, revealing what we had not seen the night before.

Where we had watched the sunset the night before.
Thanks to my gf for the cool photo, getting ready to make some breakfast in the morning.

It was time for some breakfast now! Woohoo! I made some bacon, with eggs and potatoes. It was quite tasty and we sat at the bench and watched the ocean waves crash in while we ate our breakfast. It was a great morning.
Got caught cooking!
This is the best restaurant ever!

Although our time on Thornhill Broome Beach was short, it was amazing and totally worth it. I had never camped out near a beach before let alone camp right on the beach. It was a different experience than all of the wooded places I’ve been to. I would for sure go back, or camp on any beach again!

“Take me to the water, I wanna feel the sun on my face….”

– Seranation


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