You have to camp out at the Watchman in ZION national Park!

If you have never camped out in Zion National Park, I highly suggest you do so! Why? Because Zion is dope! And if you have been there, then you know what I’m talking about! If you haven’t been there, then make it your next vacation. You won’t be disappointed.

Where is Zion?

Zion is a national park located in the southwest region of Utah. Utah is home to several National Parks, as well as national monuments and just some of the most spectacular places you could ever explore. It is one of my go to destinations! A homeland for hikers, climbers, canyoneers, and several other outdoor shenanigans.

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How did I get a campsite?

Honestly, this trip, I got super lucky. Just for fits and shiggles, I pulled up into the Watchman Campground and said to the parks official, “Hey this is a stupid question, but do you guys have one night available by chance?” Knowing the watchman campground is almost always reserved and full I gave it a go. She told me that it was my lucky day and the person that just pulled forward in front of me just gave up one of their two campsites and I could have it! I was ecstatic!


If you’r not as lucky as I am, then I strongly suggest trying to reserve a campsite online at as the campground is typically full during busy season. According to the campsites cost anywhere between $20-$130 for a night.

I want to show you the amazing spot I scored on this trip. Even though it was one night; it was an awesome and lucky night!

This was my campsite!

What was there?

Really it was just your basic campsite, that has been established by the parks. It has a small pull in area, a spot for you to set up a tent or two, maybe even three. It had a picnic table, and a fire ring. There really wasn’t much to it but it’s small and perfect for one night. There are a few bathrooms, with toilets, and potable water in several locations throughout the campsite. The campsite itself is huge, and one of two on the west entrance of the park.

If you go to the the Zion Outfitter you can have an extremely hot shower, which was needed after a few days without one. Showers are $4 dollars for 5 minutes and it was more than enough time. You can walk here from the campground. They also have a lot of stuff to buy or rent for your adventures in Zion.

Why am I so stoked on this campsite?

The best thing about this campsite is the views. Not to mention the fact that I was truck camping in ZION for goodness sakes. Check out these pics in different directions of the campsite.

This was the very first photo and view I took in as I got out of the truck. Im not positive but I think that mountain is the Watchmen.
Here is the campsite and the little picnic table and firing that comes with the site at no extra charge!
This is one of the bathrooms, it was clean, smelled nice, and the potable water is found here. Also there is a gorgeous view walking up!
One of the views just out the back of my campsite.
This is another view to the northwest of my campsite. Just amazing!
This could be the Bridge Mountain, also one you can see from the campground.

What else can you do if you camp here?

I knew that the Zion Brewery was near by, so once we settled our camp, we took a short walk just outside of the campground and went to get some food and beers. I love craft beer and I’m always interested in trying new beers from different breweries.

The brewery!

Zion brewery beer is available in the park at the Zion Lodge, But they only have three beers from the brewery and I was looking for their Coffee Conviction Stout, and the Burnt Mountain Brown. So good! The food is great too! I would definitely go back and eat and drink here again.

After some bomb grub we headed back to the campsite and settled down, hung out for a while and watched the sunset over the mountains. We watched the stars in the sky, and snacked a little more and had some more brewskis before calling it a night. We were planning on hiking Angels Landing the next day! I hope to camp here again someday and come back to Zion to do some climbing in the near future! Until next time!

“Life rocks when your home rolls.”



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