How to tour Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona

What is Lower Antelope Canyon?

Lower Antelope Canyon is one of the most explored, and photographed slot canyons in Arizona. Rightfully so, it is gorgeous, and at different times of the day can create many amazing colors and hues, that are one of a kind. It is composed mostly of sandstone and clay, that has been carved out by many flash floods as well as wind whipping through over the years.

How do you get there?

From Page, Arizona at the intersection of Coppermine road and the AZ-98, head east on AZ-98 highway for about 4 miles, then turn north on to Indian route 222. Drive for about 1 mile, and the entrance to parking is on the west side of the road. Turn left and find a parking spot.

How do you get to explore this canyon?

This canyon is on Navajo Reservation land just outside of Page, Arizona. You need to have a guided tour that you can reserve online, or hope that it is not to busy and do a walk up. You can go with two tour companies. Either Dixie Ellis Tours or Ken’s Tours. Either one is good, I have personally only taken the Dixie Ellis Tour myself and I’m never disappointed.

The Tour!

We got to the canyon mid day and got our reservations. We had a little wait time so we went to explore Lake Powell for a bit up the road. Came back at our start time and there was a small show of a Native American doing a cool dance using several hoops. Im not sure if this is part of the tour but it was pretty cool to watch.

The entire hike is only less than a .5 mile round trip. Very short and pretty doable if you can walk up and down a few stairs. A guide will make sure you arrive to the correct spot to descend into the canyon.

Right before you head down the stairs into the canyon.

Every time I have visited this canyon, the tour guides are very strict on a no phones out while going down the stairs into the canyon. People have slipped and fallen, or dropped their phones into inaccessible areas of the stairs in the past. The canyon is roughly 120 feet deep at the lowest part. Just follow the rules, you’ll be able to take photos shortly!

Looking back up at the stairs coming into the canyon.

Images, Formations, and Million Dollar Photos

There are many sections through the canyon with spiral outcroppings, arches, and overhanging rock that resemble real things, or pictures of things we know or have seen. If you use your imagination you can see them, this canyon illuminates your imagination and changes your perception. See if you can see what I saw.

Lady in the Wind

Sunrise Over the Mountains

The Chili Pepper


The Native Chief

How is the ground so flat?

Throughout the canyon you may notice the ground is relatively flat for something that has water flash flood through it several times a year. The only way it can stay as flat as it does is because the people who take care of the site, fill in the bottom of the canyon with sand after the floods. They also have to remove debris that gets caught up in the narrow sections. In the event of a flash flood coming there are several points above the canyon walls where there are drop down ladders incase of an emergency evacuation.

Want to see some more canyons I have explored?

Flat sandy bottoms.

Getting out of the Canyon

At a point the canyon takes a shift uphill and there are a series of stairs heading up out of the canyon. They have been built by the families that have given tours of this majestic place.

The tallest stairs.
My girlfriend heading up a set of stairs.

Look Up!

This canyon is captivating and huge, make sure to look up before you head out of the canyon when you are in the deeper points.

Antelope Canyon is AMAZING!

Although the tours are quick and short, while you are inside this natural wonder, try to realize you are in a place of beauty that millions of people dream to see, and not all of them will. Your lucky to be here in such a unique place. Have fun and enjoy Antelope Canyon, I know we did!

“How could a place defined by the absence of water be defined by the presence of it?”

-Craig Childs


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