Truck Camping at Serrano Campground in Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake is awesome! What else can I say? If you’ve been here, you will know what I’m talking about. It is located in the mountains outside of San Bernardino! Really not a far drive outside the town. It is a windy road up, and there are great views the entire drive. My girlfriend and I camped here in the back of my truck in April at the Serrano Campground. It was awesome! Check it out!

Where is it you say?

A little info on the campground

The Serrano campground is on the north side of Big Bear Lake and is very close in proximity to the town of Big Bear Lake. The campground is huge with over 100 sites. There are flushing toilets and showers in close proximity to the campsites. Several of them. These are some of the cleanest bathrooms I have been to in a campground and there are plenty of them and did I mention showers? They have all the amenities for tent campers, and rv campers alike.

How I got a site in the middle of April?

Again, in true Erik fashion; I pulled up to the campground and asked if they had any available sites even though it said they were full. The grounds keeper said that they had one site left! Can you believe it I’ve done it again! Lucked out! Once we established our campsite we went back into town to check it out and I had my mind set on two places in town.

What can you do in town?

My girlfriend is luckily not picky and is usually down to do what ever I find for us to do. I saw a few places I wanted to check out in town so once camping was figured out we ran back to town to check out the you guessed it, a brewery!

Big Bear Mountain Brewery

This was a fun little brewery that was quite cozy inside and warm. We got some beers, and I had a Big Bear Brown Ale that was on tap. It was quite tasty. After this we headed to the next place I had my eye on.

Big Bear Coffee Roasters

Some people would say I am a coffee enthusiast, and they are right! I do love coffee and I was delighted to find this little gem. It is a small roaster, and they don’t have all the big fancy build up that some roasters do. They are simple and make great coffee. There is a lot of coffees in their line up and several flavored beans as well. But I like a particular type of bean.

I found that they had a roast that came from the Sidamo Region of Ethiopia. The birth place of coffee, and I had to get them. I know that these particular beans can produce flavors in the cup very similar to blueberries, and that’s exactly what I found when I brewed a cup. So stoked!

Back to Serrano Campground

After some shenanigans in town we headed back to the campground to eat, hangout and have a fire. We had site 24 and it was pretty big for a campsite. You could probably fit 2 cars in the parking space, and several tents in the campsite. We played some games, drank some booze, had a fire, and ate some S’mores and went to bed. It was a good day.

There are bear boxes for your food and smelly stuff so the bears don’t get to it. Use them!
Had a nice little fire with some s’mores.

Heading out

We had to get up and leave pretty early in the morning in order to get back to Phoenix in time for work. Had a blast at this site and I would definitely come back. The upside to leaving so early is that you can catch the beautiful sunrise on your way out of town.

Another great camping adventure in the books. Feel free to ask me any questions about this campground and the surrounding area. Thanks for looking! Bye!

“If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.”

– Bill Watterson


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