Two Brothers exploring in Durango, Colorado

Since my first trip out to Colorado, I have been all over the state. I came home and told my brother about it, showed him some pictures and he wanted to go so badly. In January of 2019 I finally took him for 4 days to explore Durango and the surrounding areas. Here’s everything we found!

This is my brother Ethan and I

Where is Durango?

Durango is found in the southwest corner of Colorado. It is less than a days drive from Phoenix, Arizona where we live. It is in higher elevation and when we went it was still winter and there was snow everywhere!

Driving into Cortez, the ground was covered in snow!

Where did we stay?

We ended up staying at the LaQuinta and got pounded with snow the first two days we were there! It was great! The staff was really cool, they had a pool, and a weight room, and within walking distance across the street, there was a small movie theatre. Oh and continental breakfast!

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We went to some breweries!

Durango has quite a few breweries and has a really cool downtown area to explore. Lots of old buildings, parks, galleries, and restaurants. Its an awesome little town.

Animas Brewing Co.

Animas Brewing Co. was the first on our stop. They are right next to the Animas river, which is a huge river that runs through the town of Durango. There is a bridge outside of the brewery that you can walk over the river and it is awesome. The food is great and the beer is better!

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The Animas River

Ska Brewing

Quite the selection.

Ska Brewing is funky and fun brewery with plenty of beer, good vibes, super cool people and bomb food! There is a lot of cartoon graphics on their beers, and merchandise and it is a fun environment. I would definitely go back. You can buy their beer in many stores nationwide, but its always better at the brewery from the tap! I had the Butter Nut Brown Ale, and a Steel Toe Stout. Phenomenal beers! My brother had a Pink Vapor Stew and I believe a Sour Apple Gose. He loved them as well.

My face when I saw all the beers on tap!
The food was tasty too!

My favorite coffee shop!

I don’t know why but 81301 Coffee is my favorite coffee place. Every time I pass through this town I have to stop, get some coffee, and even buy a couple bags of coffee beans to take home.

Obviously I had to take my brother here since we were passing through. He liked the shop, the vibes of the people, enjoyed some coffee, and got a sweet hat at the thrift store next door.

My brother tried his first espresso shot here and he was not disappointed, and neither was I since they are so rich and delicious!

We checked out Purgatory

Purgatory is an awesome ski resort, I have snowboarded here before and it was awesome! They have a cool little village and a few restaurants, shops, and bars. I wanted to show my brother and he was stoked on it too!

Cruised the Million Dollar Highway

We cruised up the million dollar highway for a bit, I wanted to show my brother more of the huge mountains. My plan was to take him to Silverton, but the roads were sketchy with all the ice, and I had no chains with me. I also didn’t want to risk a ticket not having chains. So we went a little ways then headed back for Durango.

Time to go home…

We headed out on the fourth day to head back to Phoenix. We both had to work the next day. I had a lot of fun with my brother and there are so many more pictures and memories to write about but this post would go on for days. Another great trip in the books Big E. I cherish the time I get to spend with my brother and love the road trips we have together. Until the next one.

“I smile because you’re my brother. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it!”



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  1. I’ve seen several petsits in Durango and we hope to nab one of those some day. Also, next time you go, be SURE to stop by Jean-Pierre right on the main street downtown. It’s a bakery in the morning on the left side of the building and a French restaurant on the right side in the evening. There are only two Jean-Pierres in the world: one in Durango and the other in Paris!! The pastries selection is vast and exquisite. Best I’ve had in my life outside of France. (Sorry, I’m gushing here. Can you tell I love a good pastry?) Glad you had a fun time with your brother. Can’t believe you were able to be outside in January with just a sweatshirt/light jacket. You wouldn’t want to try that here in Minnesota in January. You are lucky to live where you do – so close to (and in) all the awesome states. By the way, I just followed your girlfriend! That’s great that you are both blogging now! 🙂

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