Day hiking Lower Calf Creek Falls in Utah

I have had this place on my hiking bucket list for some time now and finally got to visit in the summer of 2019. What an amazing place it is! This is not a difficult hike, but the heat and an unprepared/ inexperienced hiker may have some difficulty.

Where is the trailhead located?

A little info on this hike.

Calf Creek Falls in total, is a 214 foot water fall, broken into two separate falls. The Lower Falls is the one that is easier to get to and the more popular falls of the upper and lower areas. The lower falls that we hiked to, are about 130 feet tall and a thing of beauty.

The hike is in total about 6 miles round trip and not much elevation gain or loss. There is a small campground near the trailhead, you should reserve these ahead of time, as there aren’t many and it was full when we were visiting. A restroom is on site as well as fresh potable water.

There is so much to see on this trail; small caves, ponds, magnificent cliffs, different plants as well as desert wild life, and if you’re lucky you may see some hieroglyphs on the walls. Take your time and try to see it all.

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This is the start of the trailhead with some information on it.

What will you need?

Although there is water at the trail head, bring your own just in case. I brought my Camelbak backpack, but anything that can hold close to a gallon will work. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes, a hat of some kind, clothes to hike in and change out of to avoid sitting in your own sweat, sunscreen, and some small snacks, and a sense of adventure. Oh and bring a camera this is vital!

On to the hiking!

The trail is mostly flat, and sandy, but it goes through so many different areas. Dry shrubs, grassy areas, and these small straw/bamboo looking plants near the water.

This trail is really cool, its not too difficult and you can branch off at some sections and explore other areas. I believe that there is a trail that will lead you to the upper falls. We just wanted to check out the lower ones.

After walking through a valley after about 2.5 miles you will rise in elevation slightly and get close to some cliffs. You can see a small pond that may have otters, beavers, and ducks swimming in it. We did not see anything but ducks.

The Cliffs before the Falls

The cliffs in the area are tall and beautiful. They are made of mostly sand stone I believe; and have a bunch of “desert varnish” or stains from the rains that have poured over the tops of them.

Approaching the pond on the right and the cliffs up ahead.
The small pond you can overlook.

There’s an arch, kinda.

Im calling it an arch, because that’s what I see. I had to stop and check this thing out on the way back to the falls. It was just so big and cool, and being that I love to climb, I was curious if it was or has been climbed in.

Some more amazing cliffs getting closer to the falls.

Once you find the cliffs surrounding you on all sides, you are getting close to the falls. If you listen carefully you may be able to hear them rushing along.

Approaching the waterfalls!

This is one of the first few glimpses of the falls you will see.
Just walking through the trees and finding the falls.

There is is, Lower Calf Creek Falls in all its glory!

Me and the girlie
My girlfriend snapping candids of me.

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The water is cold, but feels so good in the heat of the summer, which is when we were there, not to mention you just hiked 3 miles, and have to hike another 3 on the way out. Take the dip!

Calf creek is an awesome area and I’m so stoked I have finally been able to check it off of my bucket list. By the way, this was the first stop on a 2 and a half week road trip, so keep watching out to see what else we saw on our trip! Until the next stop!

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

-Zig Ziglar


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  1. I adore that area of Utah. Haven’t done that hike, but stayed very near there. Did you eat at Hell’s Backbone in Boulder? If not, now you have a reason to return! Gorgeous pictures.
    Thanks for the memories. P.S. Even though we didn’t do that hike, I sweat to God I’ve seen that arch before. If I’m wrong, then I saw its twin somewhere in that neck of the woods.

    1. Im glad you enjoyed the post! I tried to capture the best of it all, but there were alot of pictures to choose from. You have to make it out there sometime! and no unfortunately i didnt see the Hell’s Backbone Cafe when i was there but maybe next time i cruise on through there! Ive had the pleasure of seeing those depressed arches a few times, theres actualy one in Zion that similar and way bigger! You can see if coming in from the east side of the canyon through the tunnel! Thanks for visiting!

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