Avalanche Campground at Glacier National Park

During a two and a half week long road trip, one of the stops along the way was Glacier National Park! Arrival came late in the day as usual. I could not find any free camping outside the park when I was looking. We ended up checking the campgrounds in hopes we would find something and I got super lucky again, and here’s what I found.

Bring Bear Spray, there are bears here!

I didn’t actually see any bears in this campsite, but the signs are posted everywhere not to feed the bears, and try to make them go away and let the camp host know you have seen one as soon as possible.

The Campground:

Where is the campground located?

Checkin spot to paying for the night:

Even though it says it’s full, just take a drive around and look to see what may be open. I found a site that was empty and no sign of people staying there, so I asked the neighbor campers about them.

They said the family told them it was too much rain and they were going to leave. So we paid and had a site in Glacier National Park for a night. Stoked!

The Campsite:

The rain was off and on all the time we were on this road trip, but it did not stop us from enjoying it. Remember were from Arizona, any rain is always welcome to us.

It looks like it had rained right up until we got to the campsite. It stopped long enough for us to cook and enjoy the site we found. It rained when we were going to bed, then sprinkled some more throughout the night. It was cool!

The Campground is heavily wooded, and filled with moss growing on the trees, it was amazing! I love being in a dense forest and the moss makes it feel other worldly to me.

A little cooking and our campfire

Past 10pm and its still light out!

It stayed pretty bright out until about 10:30 pm. It made the night last longer and the glowing sky was enjoyable to look at while sitting by a camp fire making food and drinking some beers.

Each campsite has bear boxes for you to store your food and smellies. If something puts off a scent place it in the bear box and out of your tents and vehicles. Just don’t forget to empty it when you leave.

We stayed in site A25 and it was awesome because it was all surrounded by forest and on the edge of the campground. Quiet and perfect.

A little more info on this area and campsite.

  • The cost was $20.00 US for the night
  • There are bathrooms, dishwasher stations, and potable water.
  • There is a small store not far from the campground you can purchase wood, food, drinks, and souvenirs.
  • It is just off of the Going to the Sun road.
  • There are two nearby hiking trails, one is Trail of the Cedars, and the other one is the Avalanche Trail
  • It is cold here at night even during summer months (I was here in July)

This is among some of the prettiest campgrounds, that I had the pleasure of staying in on this huge road trip. If you make it to Glacier, try your best to stay in this campsite. Good Luck!

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“Roses are red and poopy is brown, the forest is better than a night on the town.”

– Unknown


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  1. It’s a beautiful park that doesn’t have as many visitors as Yellowstone. The last time we were there we slept in our van because someone had been attacked by a bear the day before. 🙁 We loved driving the Going to the Sun road.

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