iOverlander Aspen Grove Campground

This small hidden campground was awesome for the night. I had hiked Calf Creek Falls earlier in the day and was quite exhausted and in need of some sleep after our first day into an almost 3 week long road trip. This spot was perfect!

How I found it

I barely found this campsite. It was dark when I was searching and I was using the app iOverlander. A great app for road trippers to find anything camping. the photos were all taken the next morning before hitting the road again.

The pull off was literally off the side of the road and the only way I found it, was there were two dirt tracks leading off the road. I had found the spot called Aspen Grove.

Link to the campground

The GPS coordinates are: 38.053697, -111.321871

Where is it located?

This spot is hidden in the Dixie National Forest in Utah, a little more than 14 miles north of Boulder, Utah and a little over 23 miles from the Calf Creek Falls Trailhead.

Hopefully all the directions are helpful if you want to find this place.

Like I said this spot was perfect, tucked in a little aspen grove, as the name implies, and far enough off the road you can’t be seen at night or hear the cars that drive by. 4 wheel drive was not necessary but a high clearance vehicle would help you get there.

Aspen trees and beautiful flowers surround the campsite. It rained on us while we slept but we stayed dry in the camper.

The site contains a small campfire ring in the middle of the trees. We got in late and it started raining so no campfire was had by me at this campsite, but thats okay there were plenty more camp fires along the trip.

There is ample amount of space in this campsite. You could possibly fit an RV, and definitely a couple cars and a few tents and hammocks in the trees.

We enjoyed the campsite for the night, and I hope someone else will read this and want to stay a night or many here. It is a beautiful campground and one I hope to stay at again in the future. On to Salt Lake City for our next stop on our long road trip.

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“Leave the roads, take the trails.”

– Pythagoras


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  1. Awesome tips on the camping App and this campsite, thanks! Dixie NF is so green this year, beautiful. And Calf Creek Falls – what a beautiful little corner of the world. Thanks for following. I look forward to reading more about your travels!

    1. I hope you can find the campsite if you try to go there! It was free and I loved it! Among my favorite freebies! I’ve been to calf creek before but got to hike it the most recent time, and it was so fun! I’m following you as well, ill have more content coming very soon! Thanks for the support!

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