Truck Camping at Mather Campground in Grand Canyon National Park

I got extremely lucky and got a campsite at Mather Campground in the Grand Canyon National Park. From what I’ve heard you need to get these reservations ahead of time but like I usually do I rolled in with no plans and they happened to have one more site left.

The Campground

Not too many pictures of the campground and surroundings, I was excited to be there and get out to see what we could get into with the rest of the day.

How to get there

Campsites Map

The Mather Campground is huge, but I got a nice site, and it had ample space between my site and the surrounding ones. I also have no one behind me, and the restrooms were close enough to walk to, and potable water was nearby as well. I believe the cost for the campsite was only 20 bucks!


The animals roam wild and free in the campgrounds. There were many elk, deer, and birds. They will get in your food so keep it put away, and packed up in your vehicle. There is not much worry about bears here if any at all, there are no bear boxes so you should be fine with the smellies in your vehicle.

Why camp at Mather Campground?

The obvious reason is to be near the Grand Canyon! I have also always wanted to camp at the Grand Canyon and explore more of it ever since the first time I saw it and how amazingly huge it is. So that’s just what we did.

After securing a campsite we headed out to see the canyon. We walked along the south rim trail, and took in some views.

How do you get around the park?

Take the shuttle which is free, just find where to jump on and off. If you bring a bike with you everywhere, then you’re welcome to ride your bike around above the canyon but not inside the canyon. You can walk and if you are an over achiever, I guess you can run from your campsite to the canyon. Really any mode of transport will get you around, its up to you and your ability level.

The Grand Canyon

Where do you get camp supplies or food?

If you forgot anything at home there is a decent size store not far from the Mather Campground. They sell souvenirs, snacks, food, drinks, beer, wine, and anything else you can consume. They also sell a small selection of top quality hiking and camping gear, as well as gas for cooking and blankets if you need more. Everything is there. I believe it is open later than several of the other souvenir shops spread out through the park.

After playing around on the south rim for a while we went back to the campsite to make some dinner and sleep for the night.

We had steak and beans and beer. What else do you need when you’re camping? The steaks were delicious and the beans made me gassy as usual. We crawled in the back of the truck after eating and playing some music and watching the campfire and stars.

Morning is when it happened. We awoke to find that the crows had their way with my paper towels. They shredded a few, and didn’t even use the rest. what a waste and a mess I had to clean up. A reminder to clean up after myself and don’t get too complacent about cleanup.

After cleaning up the mess, it was time to make breakfast. A Grand breakfast it was. See what what I did there. We had a bunch of bacon, eggies, and fresh ground and brewed coffee. If you know me, you know I love my coffee.

The Grand Canyon is a magical place, and even though some may say it is just a big hole in the ground, it is much more to me, every time I see it in person. If you have never been I suggest you make reservations and plan to camp there for a few days and really get some exploring and hiking on some of the trails.

Add this place to your bucket list for sure! I will be posting another blog with the exploring of the canyon that we did from the south rim, so be on the lookout for that.

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Feel free to ask any questions you may have on this campsite or any of my other adventures. Thanks for visiting!

“Camping is the answer, no matter what the question is.”

-Unknown Camper


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  1. I stayed at that camp site many years ago! I was tempted to do the same last year, but then I found out about a totally nuts (Flintstones themed) camp site about half an hour away, which has sadly closed since, but it was crazy and I’m glad we did it haha. The Grand Canyon is incredible in real life, right?!

    1. Oh, I know of the Flintstone place, lol its neat but I just wanted to camp in the national park on this one which we accomplished. Yes the Canyon is quite incredible, living in the state and seeing it several times it still amazes me how big it is! Thanks for visiting!

  2. You don’t need a reservation if you camp here in December. Instead you get to deal with the possibility of a snow storm rolling in, which is what happened to us when we camped here a few years ago. It was pretty amazing though.

    1. That would be totally amazing! I have been when there is snow in the canyon and it was great! I have found most places i have gone i haven’t needed a reservation, only because i seem to get lucky and always get a last minute spot. This trip i blogged about was in April and i didn’t expect to get a site, but my luck previaled again!

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