Frog Lake Freebie, My iOverlander Campsite

I was camping everywhere on a road trip I took with my girlfriend for two and a half weeks. My plan was to try to save as much as I could on the road trip by camping instead of grabbing hotels everywhere we went. It worked out like a charm.

I frequently used the iOverlander App most of the trip to find free or cheaper places to camp for each night. Sometimes I found my own spots when I was traveling, usually somewhere close by the original site I was trying to find.

We were passing through Mt. Hood in July. I wanted to camp in the area and I found a campsite. Except, I was looking all over for a campsite and the one we found at Frog Lake was already taken. So what did I do? I found my own spot.

Mt. Hood

The campsite..

I cruised up the road a little ways outside the Frog Lake Campground and found a spot for my girlfriend and I, and it was way better than any campsite I could have gotten in the campground. Let me show you.

So this is the campsite. I drove right past it and saw that small break in the trees. I threw it in reverse and pulled in and I was so stoked! What a perfect spot. There are trees everywhere surrounding you, and there are smaller trees and bushes lining the road somewhat creating some privacy.

How to get to this spot

Get to the Frog lake Campground on google maps, then open up iOverlander and find the Frog Lake Freebie campground. Its less than one minute drive from the pull off to the campgrounds. Here is my iOverlander campsite that I created, I hope you enjoy it if you find it!

This site has been used prior to myself so there was a fire ring and the ground was pretty clear. There is enough space here for several people and possibly an RV.

Fun story..

I used to watch a show on Netflix called Longmire about a sheriff in a small town that solves murders and other crimes. I fell in love with the show and Sherriff Longmire always drank Rainier Beer.

Ever since I saw that I wondered if it was real beer and where I could get it. I found the beer in a gas station on the way to the campgrounds! Needless to say I got some and drank it at my campsite! So Stoked! Here you go Rainier beer, free advertisement!

A little more info on Mt. Hood area.

  • You may find the elusive Sasquatch here! It lives in these forests…
  • Mt. Hood is a an active stratovolcano and is the 4th tallest peak in the Cascade Mountain Range
  • Mt. Hood is 11,239 feet tall and the highest mountain in Oregon.
  • If Mt. Hood does erupt it could wipe out everything west of the I-5 interstate.
  • Mt. Hood is called Wy’east by the Multnomah Native Tribe.
  • There are many hiking trails in the area.
  • You can hike to Ramona Falls. (7 miles)
  • Snow sports at Copper Spur Resort.

This was an awesome campsite that I found and it was totally free. I hope I aspired someone to get out there and go camping, be it at this place or any other camping area. Have fun and find the free stuff if you can, its almost always better, you just may not have the amenities that come with other campgrounds. Happy Camping guys!

“Camping is awesome, and beer makes it awesomer!”


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  1. Looks like a great campsite!

    If you’re really bored one day, look at old Rainier beer commercials. They were considered to be groundbreaking (and funny) at the time. 😀

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