Silverhorn Campground in Banff National Park

I didn’t stay a long time in Banff National Park. In fact I only stayed one night in Banff itself, but the campground was awesome. I stayed at Silverhorn Campground and it was perfect!

After exploring Banff all day, the focus was not on finding somewhere to sleep until it really started getting late in the day. I was concerned we would have to leave the park to find accommodations.

I believed that we would definitely find a campsite for the night within the park and after being turned away several times, I kept my spirits up and we got this site which was perfect and extremely affordable.

Know Before you go…

Make sure you are carrying Canadian cash with you to pay for this campsite. The closest place we found to exchange money was at the Saskatchewan River Crossing. there is a gas station here as well as a convenience/ souvenir store.

You can also drive all the way back to the Banff town itself. It was also kind of late in the day so we didn’t have many options. You may be able to exchange some cash in the Lake Louise/ Lake Moraine Marketplace if they are open.

Where is the campground located?

What amenities are at this campground?

There are lots of great sites at this campground. I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the campground because of the lack of trees near the campsites. But being there was a lack of trees you could see all the surrounding mountains in the area which was pretty cool to wake up and fall asleep to.

Time zone changes for this Arizona boy.

I didn’t quite realize it until I got into Canada, but the further you go north the more sunlight you have. I knew this fact but didn’t think much of it since I haven’t been much farther north than Colorado in the past, being from Arizona. It was light out as late as 10 PM when we were staying in Canada! This picture below was taken at 945 PM. I thought it was strange no one was out of their campsites and campers, then I saw the time and understood.

Heres some views of the campgrounds and what you can expect when staying in this beautiful place.

The picture below is right behind my truck a very short walk from the back of my truck in the picture above. There are a few small ponds but, this one was the clearest.

In the picture above I turned around and took a picture of my truck to show how close this one is, right behind the campsite! Super cool!

These chairs were all throughout the park with this little beaver carving in them. They were pretty cool. This is the pond from the other side, I walked around the loop and saw this on the way around.

Once we woke in the morning the clouds were still in the sky all over the place. It made for an incredibly beautiful and peaceful morning! I enjoyed my time at Silverhorn Campground. Until Next time…

“Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul!”


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