Backpacking Gear Setup

Several people have asked me what I use when I go backpacking, and how heavy everything is. I have spent a good deal of money buying specific gear for my needs, and the set up may not be perfect for everyone but it is for me. Here is my setup.

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The Gear List

Backpack: Osprey Exos 48

Osprey Packs Exos 48 Backpacking Pack, Blaze Black, Medium

I chose this pack because I really like how simple and light weight the pack is. It weighs less than 3 lbs, 2.7 to be exact. It is a top fill pack with a lid that goes over the top. too small pockets on the lid and you can also take it off if your not using it. I do not have the new red one, I use the older green one, but they are pretty much the same.

It has two mesh stretchy water bottle holders on the sides. A large mesh pocket on the outside covering most of the back. The portion of the pack that goes up against your back is mesh and raised from the pack itself creating airspace when you’re wearing it on your back, keeping your back dry. It also has since straps that wrap the sides of the pack, and once its loaded you can cinch the pack down to to reduce bulkiness.

Amazon: Osprey Exos 48 $199.00

Light weight tents

I don’t camp out in a tent too often. When I’m Backpacking though its a different story. I found these super light weight tents on amazon. I bought a very expensive tent from REI at one point and it weighed about 3.5 lbs. I found that I use tents very little after I bought it.

I will usually sleep right on the ground or I will sleep in my hammock. There are times I want a tent and this one has been great for me. Quality is not over the top, but the lightness and minimal parts makes this one perfect. It is a fraction of the cost of the REI tent and if it breaks, I can buy another one or patch it to make due.

Amazon: YODO Light Weight Backpacking Tent $29.88

Nalgene Bottles

These Nalgene bottles are great. They are light weight, and this particular style is flexible. It will bend and move, and it stands up to abrasion, drops, and wear and tear. I have two and it is covered in stickers and it has done great for me. I will get two of them so I can stuff them into the sides of my backpack. They fit perfectly.

Amazon: Nalgene Bottles $8.99

Klymit Down Sleeping Bag

A sleeping back is one of theist important pieces if gear in my opinion. It keeps you dry, and warm at night and if you buy a light weight one it doesn’t ad much to your pack weight. A down bag traps warm air inside, and keeps you warm on those chilly nights. It also allows for it to smash up and pack tight and take up minimal space in your pack.

Amazon: Klymit Sleeping Bag $150.77

Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

I love the Klymit Sleeping Pad. I have used it on backpacking adventures and I have used it camping in the back of my truck for added comfort. It is light weight, packs up small, and is quite durable. Not to mention it is super affordable compared to some other sleeping pad companies out there.

Amazon: Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad $41.38

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

I have used the Sawyer filers on a lot of my backpacking trips and it has been a life saver. Clean water is essential when you spend a lot of time outside hiking for miles. You need to stay hydrated and it has to be clean water so you don’t contract any waterborne illness. The Kit comes with a filter and a bag that screws on. It also comes with cleaning supplies. The cool thing about the filter is you can fill a regular water bottle with dirty water and drink straight from the filter.

Amazon: Sawyer Water Filter $19.95

Eno Hammock

I have had an Eno Hammock for 5 years or so, I have taken it everywhere with me. When I backpack in the summer months I will use a hammock for two reasons. Reduced weight and keeps you cooler in the summer. I feel that tents get hot inside during the summer times.

Based on the time of year that I am backpacking, what I chose to sleep in will change. The hammocks are very sturdy holding 400 pounds and have served me well in the woods, and the beach, and anywhere else I was able to hang a hammock.

Amazon: Eno Hammock $69.95

Jet Boil

There are many different cooking systems out there to chose from, but I love my jet boil. I haven’t really owned any others and I spent a lot of time researching different cooking systems and this one made the most sense to me. I like that you can fit everything needed to use the jet boil into the cup itself. I have had mine for several years and let friends use it and it has served me well. It still goes with me on my camping, backpacking, and climbing trips.

They boil the water extremely fast and efficiently. There are several models and sizes of the jet boils to chose from, and they all work great. I like to use the dried food meals when I am on a trip. They are light and easy. Just boil water and pour it into the food bag, and let it sit for a little bit then boom you have a tasty meal filled with calories to make up for the loses from hiking.

Amazon: Jet Boil Zip $79.95

Gas Canister

Any fuel canister brand that fits the jet boil will work. They are all good and they all burn. They last a long time because the Jetboil is very efficient at using up fuel. I have gotten through Havasupai, and the Arizona Highline Trail one one single canister and I still had left over gas.

Amazon: Jetboil Jetpower $19.95

Sea to Summit Long Spoon

I love this sea to summit spoon. It has an extended handle letting me reach into those deep meal bags and not get food all over my fingers. Its extremely light, easy to clean, and rust resistant. I keep it in the top of my bag so I don’t lose it. I used to use the small plastic sporks, but I tried this spoon out and I haven’t looked back.

Amazon: Sea to Summit Alpha Light $11.28

Leatherman Multi Tool

Really any multi tool will work. I usually like to buy good quality, and while yes there are much more fancy and expensive Leatherman tools out there, this is the one I use. It is smaller than some of them, yet durable, and has lasted me for several years. It won’t rust, and stands up to the beating that I put on it with cutting things up, opening metal food cans, quick fixing things, and dropping it multiple times per trip. Its a great tool but again you can use anything you want.

Amazon: Leatherman Rev Multitool $58.99

Thats pretty much my main go to core items that I take for backpacking trips. Things have changed from some of my older trips but this is what I’m currently using. There are plenty of other things that I take with me on my backpacking trips but this is specifically the gear portion that I use. Keep an eye out for more of my backpacking blogs on what clothing I take with me to backpack with, as well as food and electronics.

I hope this short list helps you to get outside and get backpacking in some back country places, and trails. When I thing of more gear or try new gear I will update this page, so check back often. Have fun and be safe out there!

If you would like to see a few of my backpacking trips I have gone on check out these other blog posts.

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  1. Hello Erik,

    These are interesting gears. In the Philippines, our organization is launching a Zero Impact Mountaineering campaign. We actually would like to encourage Filipino Mountaineers to not drop off their trash everywhere and as well as to bring their trash until they reach their homes.

    Do you have any recommendations or suggestions on how do you minimize you trash during your backpacking?

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Im glad your interested in keeping our planet a bit neater! I usually just try to bring as little as possible with me when I go out and only what I need in the case of anything else coming up. But I will usually bring a couple ziplock bags that i stored my food in, or reuse grocery bags, and bring them with me and fill them with my trash and other small trash I find along the way. I always pack out my trash. A great way to keep places clean is by following the Leave No Trace Principals. You can find them here I hope this helps!

  2. Good list Erik! I like the Klymit pads too. I have not tried hammock camping, but I suppose I should try it at least once. I have the hammock you mentioned – though I think my cat peed on it when she accidentally got locked in the basement. boo.

    1. Thank you! Isn’t that such a comfy pad?! I love it! and you could even put that pad in a hammock for added comfort, even though hammocks are so nice on their own. The added layer of the klymit pad under your butt will keep you warmer though! And boooo have you been able to wash it and get the smell out?

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