A very un-flattering picture of myself but it shows me in my element! I love the outdoors and enjoy every minute I get outside. I am also an Arizona “native.”  Backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing, mountain bike, kayaking, fishing, spelunking, snowboarding, road tripping and traveling are among the many things I love doing.

Follow with me while I check off my unwritten bucket list and anything I find along the way! I hope you enjoy my content and feel free to communicate with me and give a follow! Thanks for visiting!

Disclaimer: All photos in my postings have been taken by me or the person/persons I was with during the adventure. Any people I have pictures of directly, or have mentioned in my postings have given me permission to put them in my blog. Some of my excursions can be difficult for some and possibly dangerous. Proceed at your own risk, and please do some research before you go out and tackle any of the adventures yourself. Enjoy!


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