Adventure Bucket List

This is a collection of places I would love to do or see before my time is up here in this world.

  1. Backpack Havasupai Falls
  2. Explore all the islands of Hawaii (I have been to Kauai and Oahu)
  3. Explore Iceland
  4. Hike Mt. Kilamanjaro
  5. Hike Mt. Humphrey’s (tallest peak in Arizona)
  6. Hike the Arizona Trail
  7. Backpack the PCT
  8. Backpack the AT
  9. Backpack the Camino De Santiago
  10. Sequoia and Kings National Park
  11. Yosemite National Park (Cable of Half Dome, climbing, and more)
  12. Redwoods National Park
  13. Olympic National Park (The Hall of Mosses)
  14. Backpack the Arizona Highline trail
  15. The Ring of Fire in Utah
  16. Hike Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, and the Subway in Zion National Park
  17. See the Northern lights from anywhere
  18. Backpack in Denali National Park
  19. Backpack the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
  20. Visit all of the US states ( I’m at 12)
  21. Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone, along with many other things there.
  22. Grand Tetons National Park
  23. Banff National Park
  24. Zhangjiajie National Forest in China (Inspiration for the floating mountains in the Avatar Movie)
  25.  The Pyramids Of Giza
  26. Puma Punku
  27. Machu Pichu
  28. Chichen Itza
  29. Explore Rocky Mountain National Park
  30. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  31. Great Sand Dunes National Park
  32. Summit Mt. Whitney (the highest point in the lower 48)
  33. Surf in Hawaii
  34. Learn to SCUBA dive
  35. Sit on Victoria Falls in Africa
  36. Swim in a Cenote in Mexico

This list is extensive, it does go on and I will add them as I think of them, thanks for visiting and if you have an idea that you think I may be turned on by, drop a comment.


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