How to hike the Highline National Recreational Trail

What is the Highline Trail? Well it is a trail that follows the Mogollon Rim outside the town of Payson, Arizona and it's official name is the Highline National Recreational Trail. It is located in the Tonto National Forest. In my opinion, this is the most under-rated hike in Arizona. People talk about Havasupai all... Continue Reading →


Havasupai Falls Backpacking

Havasupai is hands down the greatest backpacking trip of all time that you could take in Arizona. The red rocks of the Grand Canyon, paired with stunningly blue water attracts people from all over the world. Camping permits are hard to get and are generally sold out for the year a week after sales start.... Continue Reading →

Horton Creek Backpacking

Horton creek is one of my favorite hikes in Arizona and probably the one I have hiked the most times out of any trails other than the local mountains by my house. This trail shows pieces of Arizona that you wouldn't think existed in this dry state. When someone asks me where the best day... Continue Reading →

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