Truck Camping at Lone Rock Beach Campground | Lake Powell, Utah

Join us on an exciting Truck Camping at Lone Rock Beach Campground in Lake Powell, Utah. Experience the freedom of camping combined with the convenience of traveling in your truck.

Discover the beauty of this stunning location as we share practical tips, permit information, and recommendations for the best camping spots.

Get ready for breathtaking views, sandy beaches, and a range of outdoor activities. Let’s explore Lone Rock Beach Campground and create unforgettable memories amidst the natural wonders of Lake Powell.

How did I find this place?

I found this campground on a short road trip that I took with my girlfriend for her birthday. It was the first night of our trip and we had visited Bearizona earlier in the day as well as Horseshoe Bend. We ended up pulling up to the campground late in the evening. This post will be just a short recap of what we found in the morning.

Our Campsite

We pulled in late at night and it was dark already. The camping fee for one night was 14 dollars, but if you have a national parks pass, it should cover it. Or so I was told after we had already paid for two nights here. But it was worth it I mean look at the views you wake up to.

Because we got in so late at night we just pulled in and found a spot suitable for some sleep. We pulled out some snacks and had a little grub, and a few beers and watched the stars and meteors shoot across the sky, then went to bed.

Where is it located?

Check out these other campsites!

This is where we camped out for the night, this was our campsite if you want to call it that. We just found a spot away from most of the people. We didn’t pull much out in the way of gear because it was pretty windy.


One of the nice things about this campground is they had toilets parked every few hundred feet or so along the beach. I can go to the bathroom anywhere but sometimes having a toilet is nice. These ones were decently clean and the toilet seats were not caked with explosive diarrhea like some porta-potties that I have had the unfortunate pleasure of using.

The sand was quite nice on the toes. It was still a tad chilly at night here, so waking up, getting blasted by the sun’s rays, and having the cool and soft sand to walk in was comforting.

Sand Dunes

In the middle of the night, we saw a bunch of floating headlights going up and down in the distance, only to find in the morning that there were some sand dunes and off-road trails to ride on.

We did not have anything to ride with us, but it made me wish I had my dirt bike with me. You can bring anything out here and we saw quads, dirt bikes, and several Can-Am vehicles.

Free Boat rentals?

Believe it or not, there are NO free boat rentals. Unless you have a friend that brings their boat out, you will have to bring your own. There were a bunch of people with power boats, fishing boats, and even kayaks. I wish we could have brought my kayaks so that we could have kayaked out to the lone rock you can see in the distance.

I’m guessing this is the reason they call it Lone Rock Campground. There is this huge monolith out in the water that is completely surrounded by water on all sides. It’s pretty cool. I wish I knew more about it and how deep the rock goes. Someone may know, not me, but I still think it is pretty cool.

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We had to leave and got going a little early in the morning because I had a surprise for my girlfriend for her birthday. We were headed to Zion! But I stopped on the way out of the campground to take one last photo of the area. You can see the boats in the distance.

All in all, my girlfriend and I really loved this campground. So much so that we stayed for two nights. I was even lucky enough to have a friend of mine come out with his girlfriend and pups and they hung out with us one night and had a few beers and caught up.

The sky is so dark and you can see so many stars, and meteors, and when the moon comes up the entire area is lit up and the moon lights up the lake and it is absolutely beautiful. Definitely a great find! Go check it out for yourself just clean up after yourself, and leave no trace! Happy camping!

“A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.”Alan S. Kesselheim

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